2013 ELITE STYLE magazine

words Daphne Liu


Small and green houses

Eco-friendly micro-houses are the perfect solution for both environmentally conscious holidays and smart interior design

The DROP eco-hotel was designed by IN-TENTA creative design group and produced and commercialised by Urban Square, an urban furniture and micro-architecture producer. DROP is a removable hotel room that draws inspiration from organic shapes found in nature and has been designed to be installed in natural locations. Its main features are removable architecture, organic design and eco-friendly services. The portable micro-architecture can be installed on a variety of terrains. It is composed of modular wood and steel elements and the structure is installed at elevation to prevent contact with the soil thereby causing minimal interference with the land underneath. The design incorporates use of spherical transparent windows that can be completely opened to bring guests into direct contact with nature. These large bubble windows provide natural ventilation while a skylight running the entire length of the pod provides ample daylight. For the modern nomad, these eco-friendly rooms are not only sustainable but surprisingly comfortable and perfectly integrated into the surrounding landscape. Therefore DROP is suitable for anyone who wants to experience nature while not harming it.

ELITE STYLE architecture magazine
April 2013
words Daphne Liu